Dr. Sukhija Encourages Heart Cart Exams for Heart Health

Dr. Rishi Sukhija

Heart diseases are at an epidemic stage in the United States and I.U. Health-LaPorte and Starke Hospitals are providing early screenings for a number of related ailments.

Cardiologist, Dr. Rishi Sukhija, talked with Ted Hayes recently about Heart disease at I.U. Health-Starke Hospital and in the course of the conversation, discussed the importance of arranging for a Heart Cart exam. The Heart Cart will be at I.U. Health-Starke on Saturday, March 19th from 8:00-11:00 a.m. CT.

“We’ll do several tests for cardiovascular risk assessment and diagnosis where we can detect heart and vascular disease early and by doing so, we can slow down the progression of same at an earlier stage.”

Dr. Sukhija said that we need to watch our diets.

“To prevent cardiovascular disease, we have to cut down saturated fats in our diet and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.”

A Heart Cart exam is by appointment only. Call (219) 326-2626 to schedule an exam. The cost is only $100 for the testing. It would cost over $1000 if you had the tests done individually.