IU Health Starke Hospital to Celebrate National Doctor’s Day Today

Tomorrow is National Doctor’s Day, but the staff at IU Health Starke Hospital is getting a jump on the festivities by celebrating today.

“We take one day, in this case March 29th, to celebrate what the physicians do for us and our relationship and partnership is very important with the medical staff,” said CEO Linda Satkoski. “We may take one day to celebrate but obviously it’s all year long. We work together to build the future of health care here at Starke Hospital and the community.”

Satkoski tells what the public can do to celebrate Doctor’s Day.

“We encourage the community to wish your physician a Happy Doctor’s Day whether you’re at the hospital, in the offices or in the community. They really do go above and beyond their commitment in being there for the patients. It truly is a 24 hour a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year job that they commit to.”

Dr. Phillip Hassen is the President of the Medical Staff at the hospital and talks today about how the doctors here appreciate the IU Health Starke Hospital administration.

“We were pretty much a rudderless ship before LaPorte got here,” said Dr. Hassen. “We’ve made goals in the past year-and-a-half. We know where we’re going to land and we even have an anchor.”

Hassen said as the President of the Medical Staff, he keeps abreast of all the IU Health information available throughout the system.

“With guiding a hospital in the same path that all the other IU hospitals are going, looking at the future care of medicine, the way the paradigm of medical practice is changing, the IU Health system has some major ideas and goals and they want all their hospitals to be on the same pathway. As Chief Medical Officer, I have meetings, weekly phone calls, and we go down once every two or three months and have an actual on-site visit at IU Health. All of that is designed to keep us informed and to make sure that Starke is doing what LaPorte is doing and they’re doing what Methodist is doing and that the IU system is one.”