Jerry Johnson Talks of His Memories of John Wooden on ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’

John Wooden

How would you like to sit and have pizza with the greatest college basketball coach ever? Well Ted Hayes’ guest on tomorrow’s “Ted Hayes Remembers” program got to do that a few years ago. Jerry Johnson, who played basketball at Purdue, got to enjoy listening to “The Master”, Johnny Wooden, at banquets and once over pizza. Jerry said it was a thrill.

“I had many occasions in his later years to go down and listen to him at least four times and give speeches at different banquets for basketball, or for different things,” said Johnson. “He was a super gentlemen. He was getting pretty frail, but when we got done with what he was doing, he met us at Brunos for pizza and he had his secretary friend with him who took good care of him. He was a nice gentleman and just an unbelievably astute player, mentor, coach and teacher.”

Jerry Johnson and Ted will talk basketball this Friday on “Ted Hayes Remembers” at 12:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. CT.