Knox City Council to Gather Bids for New Sign at Community Center

Knox City Council #2
Back Row: Mayor Rick Chambers, Ed Blue, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Greg Matt and Attorney David Matsey. Front Row: Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg and Ron Parker

Knox City Councilman Greg Matt described the electronic sign at the Knox Community Center as a dead horse. Matt told his fellow councilmen that he had a conversation with a representative of Vanadco Signs about the condition of the unit and came away convinced that it can’t be repaired.

The sign is occasionally on, but the right message isn’t displayed and other times it’s off for no reason. A new sign with enhanced graphics, featuring 64,000 color combinations, has been priced at $14,400 for the city. This would include training for office staff who could program it from City Hall.

Matt said with a new sign the city could probably even solicit advertising.

“We have to face it, the old sign is shot,” Matt said in ending his presentation.

All agreed something has to be done, and the Mayor will advertise for other bids to bring before the Council so they can make their decision.