Knox Resident who Bowled Six Decades to Talk about Career in Feature Program Today

(L to R) Hanna Mlekodaj, June Cruse, Betty Collins, Celine Gurrado, Marcella Hauser

It’s Friday, and Ted Hayes will be in with another Ted Hayes Remembers (click to hear) program. For six decades, Hanna Mlekodaj has bowled on a women’s bowling team and some mixed teams too. She has bowled in 50 state tournaments and three national tournaments and has been honored for her secretary work by the State Bowling Association.

Ted calls her “Starke County’s Bowling Queen.” On the program, you’ll hear that Hanna bowled right up to her “due date” when her children were born and all the girls on the team knew that she was praying that wouldn’t be born on bowling night.

“None of our four children were born on a Thursday night because that was Mom’s bowling night,” she laughed. “The four of them say, ‘Yeah, sure, that’s Mom’s bowling night. We’ve got to wait.'”

She did bowl while she was pregnant. The sub didn’t bowl too long before she was back in action.

“I just took off a month or two, but I still bowled.”

Hanna Mlekodaj, “Starke County’s Bowling Queen”, who will be featured today on the “Ted Hayes Remembers” program at 12:20 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. CT.

Hanna provided us with a couple of pictures from the bowling days back at Zingarelli Lanes.  Enjoy!

Katherine Sands
Billie Zingarelli