Representative Dembowski Talks about Return to the Statehouse after Standoff

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

The Indiana Democrats are back in their seats this week after a walkout that began on February 21st. Both sides are claiming victory in the standoff. Republicans said the Democrats returned after hearing from Hoosiers that they were unhappy with their walkout.  Democrats said the Republicans were forced to make changes to bills because the public hadn’t understood Governor Daniels’ radical agenda until the slowdown.

17th District State Representative Nancy Dembowski was asked if she was happy the standoff was over.

“This was the way it needed to be done,” said Dembowski. “What happened over the last month or so was really just a constitutional opening that’s available to us if we feel that some of the legislation being presented is just harmful to Hoosiers but I really would like to think of it in terms of a compromise. There’s no point in talking victories because when these kinds of things happen, there is really no victory for anyone.”

Representative Dembowski was asked if there is any animosity from the Republicans when they arrived back on Monday.

“I think everyone is trying very hard to be on their best behavior,” she replied. “One of the things the General Assembly has always been able to pride itself on is professionalism and the understanding that we listen very politely to the other side. There’s no outpouring of animosity but there are going to be many debates in the next few weeks on the floor.”

Now there’s a race against the clock to get the session over before the final day, April 29th. Speaker Brian Bosma has promised long days and a possibility of working Fridays until the session is complete.