Seven NJ-SP Teachers Given RIF Notice

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson

The North Judson-San Pierre School Board discussed Reductions in Force (RIF) at its most recent meeting. RIFs had to be sent by April 1st as that is the school’s contract date and seven notices have been sent out to teachers. Superintendent Lynn Johnson told WKVI said that two high school teachers, one middle school teacher and four elementary teachers received notice last week. She said certification and seniority were the criteria looked at when the cuts were discussed. Those cuts will make up approximately $250,000 of the almost $1.2 million that will need to be cut from the overall budget. Mrs. Johnson said non-certified staff, extra curricular positions, teaming, hours, custodial hours, stipends, and other cuts are being discussed.

Mrs. Johnson said that the teachers given notice were given an option of retirement or other incentive and the Board is awaiting those decisions to see how to move forward. The Superintendent also said she’s not sure that the entire $1.2 million will need to be cut from the budget as the State has not yet approved the budget for schools. She hopes that the cut will actually be less than the proposed $1.2 million. The Senate is holding hearings on the budget this week.