Starke County Courthouse Elevator to be Repaired

Starke County Courthouse

The Starke County Courthouse elevator is scheduled for repairs. Courthouse Custodian, Carl Goodrich, talked with the Commissioners this week about this relic. Goodrich was asked exactly what’s wrong with the elevator.

“Basically, the hydraulic system is leaking and it needs to be replaced,” replied Goodrich. “It was put in in 1956 and it needs to be reworked. We’re going to modernize it and bring it up to code. The elevator car itself is going to be there but they’re going to repair the hydraulic systems and everything that goes with the unit.”

The repair of the elevator could take up to eight weeks to complete.

Carl was asked if the elevator has ever stopped before.

“It has shut down a couple of times,” he said.

The elevator being down will be a hindrance for the second and third floor offices, especially the third floor courtrooms. As soon as we find out how that will be handled, we’ll let you know. Right now you may use the elevator at your own risk.