‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program to Feature Pastor Tim Miller

Pastor Miller and his family on Installation Day at Our Redeemer in 1986

Recently we announced that Pastor Tim Miller of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Knox will be relocating in April to the Clear Lake Lutheran Church in Fremont, Indiana. Pastor Miller has served Our Redeemer, and its congregation, for 25 years which is longer than any other recent mainline pastor.

In an interview with Ted Hayes this week, it was noted that Pastor Miller will be missed when the festival season gears up this summer. That’s because under his guidance, Our Redeemer received its share of award winning float entries over the years.

“I do like to build things, but I’m not a professional builder,” he said. “I’m very visual and I like to see things and putting those two things together. A lot of people like to do that also so I collected a group of senior men who just love to work with that and they worked side-by-side with me. I baptized a couple of those men, who are sixty years old. They were spouses of members and they showed up just to participate. It was an easy way to serve the Lord. It’s a lot of fun and it brings a lot of smiles to people. I guess the biggest thing was to reach beyond our walls here at Our Redeemer and into the community with the message we have. It’s not just for us. It’s for the whole community. God cares about them and He’s here for them.”

The floats would always have a religious theme and after the various parades, the float would be parked on the church lawn for everyone to see when they passed by the church.

Pastor Tim Miller will be Ted’s guest tomorrow on “Ted Hayes Remembers” at 12:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.