Annual Starke United Meeting Held Thursday Night

Marilyn Zabinski, Julie Dessauer and Megan Hamand

The annual Starke United meeting was held last night at the Community Services of Starke County Building in Knox. The emcee for the evening, Megan Hamand, introduced the speaker of the evening, Marvin McLaughlin, of North Judson, who blended humor with an appeal to support the organization. Mr. McLaughlin set the stage for the rest of the evening which included the announcement of the Volunteer of the Year, Marilyn Zabinski.

“It’s everybody that helps me, including WKVI,” Marilyn Zabinski told Ted Hayes. “I give such an effort to Starke United because it helps everybody, not just one particular group. They help everybody in Starke County and people have to realize that. We just don’t cater to one group. Everybody that needs help can someway get help through Starke United. If we don’t do it, we can tell you where to go.”

Julie Dessauer presents Father Spanley with a Certificate of Appreciation

Starke United Executive Director, Julie Dessauer, announced the goal for the upcoming year and also a new promotion, “kickball.”

“Our goal is $50,000 and I hope we can do even more than that,” said Julie Dessauer. “With the events we have scheduled, I think we’ll surpass that goal. In early September we hope to work on a kickball promotion and begin that after the kids get back into school.”