Jeff Houston Seeks Another Term as Knox City Clerk-Treasurer

Jeff Houston

We’re less than two weeks away from the 2011 Primary Election, and we’re talking to the candidates running for office in the City of Knox Election.

Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston is in his 5th year in the position. We asked Houston what he enjoys about the job.

“I enjoy working with people, and I enjoy planning for the future with the City,” said Houston. “Right now we’re working on a number of different projects including the new J.W. Hicks project. We’re working with different grants – we’re working in the park right now with a five year grant. I like interacting with the different people in the City and with utility customers. All in all, I enjoy the job altogether.”

Houston talked about some of the recent accomplishments.

“For the first time, we have a Rainy Day Fund. We’re also starting to bring in money in our TIF District, which is the Tax Incremental Financing District. That kind of languished for a number of years but we finally got that under control. We’re adding about $100,000 a year to that fund. I strive to make sure the different departments have the tools that they need, especially the fire department and the police department because public safety is really important.”

Houston pointed out that he has received a lot of training that helps him perform his duties.

“I’ve been certified as an Indiana Accredited Municipal Clerk in nearly the shortest time possible. I’ve been through a lot of training including grant training from the State and I’m pretty proud of that.”

Jeff Houston is being challenged in the Democrat primary by Clarence Marshall, who we will hear from tomorrow.