Knox Street Department to Start Mosquito Abatement Process

It’s been a wet spring season and that means the mosquitoes could be coming out in full force soon. Knox City Street Superintendent, Jeff Borg, said they will begin their eradication treatments soon.

“We’re going to get started with our larviciding program,” said Knox City Street Superintendent, Jeff Borg. “We’ll be putting abate pellets in the water to kill the larva before they turn into mosquitoes. We have a map and we have all the selected areas where we apply the product – any flood waters and any areas with standing water. If water stands for more than a few days, it had the potential for mosquitoes to be bred.”

Borg was asked if there are steps the public can take to help keep down the population of mosquitoes.

“Make sure in your back yard that buckets and any barrels are turned over and that way, the water is not standing. Gutters are the worst. If they are clogged up, they’re going to hold water which will breed mosquitoes.”

The Street Department will be ready when the adult mosquitoes invade the community.

“We will do an ULV spraying, which is ultra low volume. When the weather gets right and we start noticing more mosquitoes, we will come out in the evening and do a spraying. We’ll be out one every two weeks to a month.”