Linda Berndt Runs Unopposed in Knox City Primary Election

Linda Berndt

The Knox City Primary Election is May 3rd and there are several candidates running unopposed for seats on the Knox City Council.

One of those candidates is Linda Berndt, who has served on the Council for 16 years, and she is running for the At-Large seat on the Council. She was asked what she thinks will be a challenge for the Council in the next four years.

“The challenge is going to be that we can provide the same type of services and protection that all of the citizens of Knox expect with a lower budget,” replied Berndt. “That’s going to be very challenging to all of us.”

Berndt was asked about what goals she is working toward in the next four years, if elected.

“We have worked with J.W. Hicks, which is very exciting to the community. That’s the main goal. I would like to see us continue to work with the industries and businesses that we have here, as well as bring in new businesses and industry.”