Lisa Napierkowski Arrested on Warrant after Traffic Stop

Lisa Napierkowski

Lisa Napierkowski was arrested Monday on a warrant for Trafficking with an Inmate and Dealing in a Schedule IV Controlled Substance after a routine traffic stop.

According to police, A car driven by Otis Young was stopped at 700 E. and 100 N. in Starke County on Monday and Lisa Napierkowski was apprehended as a result of the traffic stop. It is alleged that in late February, Lisa had brought Clonzapam to the Starke County Jail lobby bathroom and placed them under the trash bag. An inmate, Korey Draper, then admitted to gaining possession of the drugs which numbered 40. He told police that he put them in a pill bottle and placed them in a vent. When jailers searched the vent, the pills, credit cards and syringes were located and placed into evidence.

Korey Draper was charged with four counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of a Syringe, Theft, and Trafficking with an Inmate at the time of the incident.

Lisa Napierkowski is in the Starke County Jail with $25,000 bond.

The traffic stop remains under investigation.