Louise and the Late Alt Williams to be Featured on ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’

Louise Rubbi Williams

On “Ted Hayes Remembers” this week, Ted will be talking with Louise and the late Alt Williams about Bass Lake.

As a girl, Louise Rubbi’s family was at the lake because her mom and dad ran a summer resort called Forget Me Not.

The vacationers would flock to the lake for the week, the month, or all summer long. Nick Rubbi instructed them to go to the LaSalle Station and take the train to Starke County.

Alt Williams’ family was from Kentucky, but it didn’t take long for young Alton to take to the water at Bass Lake.

Alt and Louise Williams owned the Shore Club at Bass Lake. It burned to the ground in the 1980s and Alt and Phil Crutchfield went together to build it back.

“Ted Hayes Remembers” with Alt and Louise Williams will air Friday at 12:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. CT.