Mint Distillery Bill Passed by General Assembly and Signed by Governor Daniels

The 2011 session of the Indiana General Assembly, as required by law, will end tomorrow night by midnight or before. Senator Ed Charbonneau says after considerable study legislation of interest to area mint farmers was passed by the Assembly and signed by Governor Daniels April 20th.

“Mint farmers had a significant issue crop up last year and this is just slowing down the process of making sure that IDEM doesn’t put in place new requirements before we have a study done to make sure that something like that might be needed and hopefully it won’t be,” said Charbonneau. “We’ve gotten that done. Representative Dermody played a big part with this bill, in fact it was his bill that was filed. He’s the author and I, along with Senator Arnold, were the sponsors in the Senate on that bill.”

The bill was also co-sponsored by State Representative Nancy Dembowski.

Senator Charbonneau plans to be at the GOP Lincoln Day Dinner at Bass Lake Saturday night to visit with constituents about this year’s session.