News from the North Judson Town Board

North Judson Town Board: Dan Anderson, Wendy Hoppe, Jane Ellen Felchuk, Attorney Cassie Hine and Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller

The North Judson Town Board members received information on implementing a 50/50 sidewalk program at their meeting on April 4th. The Board has not made a decision on whether or not to move forward with the project. The attorney will look over the proposal and other information and bring it back for discussion at the May 2nd meeting.

In other news:
The Unsafe Building Authority will meet with the owner of the Blue Bird Inn at 523 Lane Street to discuss the status of the clean up of the property. The owner is now $1,343.30 late in paying inspection fees to the town and the property has not yet been cleaned up. The owner offered to pay the town $700 to settle the debt and the Board rejected the offer and determined he is responsible for the entire amount. A deadline will be set for clean up or demolition of the property.

North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Chief Joe Leszek informed the Board that residents are inquiring about pool fills. The Board told Leszek to gather information on cost of fuel and an estimate on what to charge for this service.