Oregon-Davis School Superintendent Accepts Position at Mishawaka Community School District

Dr. Steve Disney

Oregon-Davis School Superintendent Dr. Steve Disney will be taking over the reigns of the Mishawaka Community School District in the near future.

WKVI news caught up with the Superintendent in his Oregon-Davis office yesterday and congratulated him on his new position.

“I just want to thank everyone in the Oregon-Davis community, the School Board here and the teaching staff” said Dr. Disney. “It’s been a tremendous experience. We’ve had four terrific, great years. It’s sad, but yet happy. It’s a new start, a goal that I’ve always had of running a large corporation, but we’ve done some tremendous things here and built so many good relationships in just the people, the community. Mable Paul and her family – it’s just been a great community to be a part of.”

He said he was proud of what has been accomplished at Oregon-Davis over the past four years, including the opening of New Tech High School.

“We have Districts coming from all around the State to look at it and say, ‘How did you do this? What are you doing?’ Plymouth is looking to try to model some of the things that Oregon-Davis is doing. That speaks highly of what’s going on here. Plymouth is following suit and going with the transition to the Apple computers and they’re also looking to start up a New Tech High School. Culver and some other schools are looking at it too. It’s nice that we have raised the bar.”

Disney also was complimentary of others in the corporation, including the School Board.

“Jerry Pearish has been on for years, Shirley Budka, Mike Keiper, and two new members. Chris Lawrence has taken over the President’s role and is doing a fantastic job. Seth Huitt is another member. I just can’t say enough about the people. We have teachers like Kris Hinds and Bonnie Guse and Christy VanDeMark at the High School, Donna Flaugher, Mrs. Awald – there have been tremendous things happen here in the last few years.”