Robert Shireman Challenges Ron Parker for Knox City Council Seat in Primary Election

Robert Shireman is running for a seat on the Knox City Council in the Primary Election on May 3rd.

Robert talked with WKVI news about what he would like to see done to improve the City over the next four years.

“I would like to see some things happen downtown,” he stated. “I’d like to see some of these buildings sitting empty and vacant fixed up and rejuvenated in a way and try and get people in there. I’d like to see some green technology come because most other cities are getting that. I would really like to see the City cleaned up. We need some sort of code enforcement. We don’t have one now. The City Police have been delegated to do this and they have a full time job the way it is and I think we need a code enforcement officer to help us do these things.”

He is going door-to-door trying to meet as many voters as possible. He is opposing Ron Parker in the May Primary.

One candidate who is running unopposed in the May Primary is Donald Kring and we will hear from him tomorrow.