Ron Parker Seeks Another Term on Knox City Council

Ron Parker

With just a few days left before the spring Primary Election in Knox, the candidates are out trying to get their message across to the voters.

Ron Parker is a Democrat City Councilman, and he stopped by WKVI recently to talk about his campaign. Parker first talked about the accomplishments of the Council.

“One of the things that we have seen is improvements in our Knox Industrial Park,” stated Parker. “With Charlie Weaver from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, we’ve seen some major moves there and we’re going to see another major move and that is J.W. Hicks. They’re going to move their Corporate Headquarters here. That’s a big deal.”

With every vote, Ron Parker says he asks himself one question. How does this impact the resident’s pocketbook? He said he likes to look ahead, and if the next year or two look bleak, he tries to caution that maybe a spending project can be delayed.

We asked Parker about how he was getting his message to the voters.

“I’ve got a few signs out, a radio ad, an ad with me and my daughters in The Market, and I’ll be going door-to-door. If I win, I win. If I lose, I lose and I’ll know it wasn’t meant to be.”

Ron Parker is being challenged by Robert Shireman, who we will hear from tomorrow.