Turkey Tracks Event to be Held this Weekend

Eric Corey

The third annual “Turkey Tracks” hunting event to be held here in Starke County is set for this weekend. Organized by the Doug Corey family, Turkey Tracks allows physically handicapped youngsters to enjoy a hunting experience. The efforts are the project designed by the Corey son, Eric, who is afflicted with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

As in earlier years, local guides have volunteered to accompany the hunters into the field. Several local landowners have offered land for the shoot. Some of the youngsters, many who have never fired a gun, will be in wheelchairs.

Eric’s mother, Carol, outlines the weekend’s pre-hunt activities.

“Friday, we try to get our hunters there by Noon and we go out to the McIntyre farm and they sign in their guns and get to know their guides,” explained Carol Corey. “Friday evening we will have a hog roast and we will welcome our hunters there. At that time, different guides will demonstrate the calls and let them know what to look forward to when they get out into the woods. The DNR will be there to give them some rules and regulations and just let them know what to expect when they go out on Saturday morning.”

For more information, you may contact Carol Corey at (574) 772-5567.