$10,000 in Damage to Roads Affected by Robbins Ditch Levee Break

Looking north on Range Road at the Robbins Ditch

Starke County Highway Superintendent, Steve Siddall, briefed the Commissioners and public Monday as to the damage done due to the levee break last week on the Robbins ditch.

“It broke out Thursday morning sometime and we were notified,” said Siddall. “The water had come across 400 North and then to the south of that on Range Road. Both roads took a pretty good beating. We’re looking at a lot of damage. $10,000 in damage is a rough estimate. I haven’t been up there because we’re trying to let things dry up. We weren’t able to open up Range Road up to 400 North on Friday by putting stone down as the road was impassable. We just barely made it across Friday to put stone down.”

Emergency funding from either state or federal sources may be available, because Siddall immediately contacted EMA Director, Ted Bombagetti.

“We told him about the break and some of the problems that we were having. He called down State and let them know and now it’s just a matter of getting numbers together and what we had involved in the levee break and what we’ll have in repairing the damage.”