Anchor Writers Celebration Held Thursday at Knox Middle School

An Anchor Writers luncheon celebration was held Thursday, May 5th at the Knox Middle School.

“About five or six years ago, we decided that as a K-12 system we needed to promote good writing,” explained Middle School Principal, Steve Cronk. “Four times year, we ask students to provide us with writing samples and then from those samples the teachers select the best ones. We then have those kids come in for the luncheon. They get a free lunch with their parents and their teachers, and they get a booklet that contains their essay as well as the other winning essays.”

Mr. Cronk was asked how the students come up with the topics for their papers.

“The teacher sets the topic and then the students respond to that topic,” he replied. “Sometimes it’s creative writing, sometimes it’s a position paper on a controversial issue, and sometimes it’s biographical or autobiographical. It all depends on what the teachers want to emphasize for that particular writing assignment. There is one winner per grade and the kids are scored on a six point Rubric with one being the lowest possible score and six being the highest possible score.”