Culver Town Board Addresses Residential Water Issues

The Culver Town Council has received several letters from residents of the town notifying them of water issues, and they plan to attach these letters to a grant application to get these problems fixed. Recently, the review committee met with three different engineers in regards to a grant to conduct a water study. Commonwealth Engineers, DLZ, and GAI Consultants were reviewed, and Commonwealth was approved as the engineer if the water study grant is received.

“We were actually applying for a grant to deal with our water pressure issues in town, and so we solicited letters to help with our grant. And specific neighborhoods in Culver seem to have some of these issues, and we kind of have a history of people reporting to the town, mainly pressure issues but sometimes other minor issues,” said Board member, Ginny Munroe.

The letters concerning the water issues for individual homes included three from Fleet Parkway regarding low water pressure and flow issues, two from Lakeview Street for low water pressure, one each from College Avenue and Ohio Street complaining about a bad taste, and one letter from Lake Street regarding strange sediment in the water.

“Some of that is perfectly normal, some of it is an antiquated system, some of it is just that we need to get some of these issues fixed, and it all takes funding. And so we’ve been looking at how to fund that project as well as other projects in town, right now we currently have three active grant projects in the process. And this is just, really, Council over the last several years coming up with a list of goals of what they want to get taken care of and this is just one that we’re working on,” said Munroe.

Another water-related concern of the town is the lack of a storm water system.Because Culver doesn’t have a full storm water system, a lot of storm water during a major storm can infiltrate into the sewer system, which can cause flooding and other issues that can cost quite a large sum to fix.