Eastern Pulaski School Board Discusses Legislation Passed in General Assembly; Fall Registration

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

Eastern Pulaski School Superintendent, Dr. Robert Klitzman shared a few pieces of legislation that came out of the General Assembly with the School Board members at their recent meeting.

“Teacher evaluation is going to be more geared toward student data and how the students have improved in their actual achievement,” said Dr. Klitzman. “That’s going to be folded into the evaluation for teachers. Collective bargaining has been greatly restricted. Over the years, collective bargaining with our teachers has grown more and more and that’s through an agreement on both sides. It’s not a one sided thing. Our legislature passed a bill that limits what you can bargain so even if a school and a Teacher’s Association wants to go and bargain other things, legally they can not. This is what’s put in the statute.”

The School Corporation is going to try something new this fall.

“We are going to a common registration site. It will be at the Middle School and High School Cafeteria. It will be a one-stop shop. We’ll have everything set up with computers. There will be a section to pay textbook rental, a section to talk about the Free and Reduced program, the actual enrollment and checking demographics, and then we’re evening thinking about inviting different community organizations. Boy scouts, girl scouts, Pulaski County Library, Athletic Boosters, Music Boosters, we’re going to have that going on and they will set up in the Middle School gym. That’s going to be next August.”