Jim Shilling to be Featured on Friday’s “Ted Hayes Remembers” Program

Jim Shilling


This week on “Ted Hayes Remembers”, Ted will talk with Jim Shilling.

Jim and Melba Shilling have been in the forefront of collecting and maintaining a history of Starke County for decades. Jim has shown the Starke County Courthouse to hundreds of people, and taken hundreds more on tours of the Starke County Museum.

Ted asked Jim to talk about historical events over the past 50 or so years that have impressed him.

“WKVI coming on was obviously an important thing in the county and people have learned to think of WKVI as their own radio station,” said Shilling.

Ted thanked Jim, but said he wasn’t fishing for a compliment. Jim went on to tell about Starke County during World War II.

“All the nation got together and we sacrificed. As a Boy Scout, I’d go out and dig up milk weed floss and they used them for life jackets and things like that. Women went to work in the factories and it was a huge undertaking for all people in the United States. I don’t think we’ve been together like we were in World War II.”

Listen to Ted and Jim this Friday on “Ted Hayes Remembers” at 12:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. CT.