Mint Farming Legislation Big in This Session of the General Assembly

State Representative Tom Dermody

One of the most important pieces of legislation passed in the most current session of the legislature had to do with mint farming. Republican Representative Tom Dermody was the sponsor of the legislation and he talks about that bill today.

“When we saw what happened last summer, especially with what I consider is the overreaching of government into business, when mint farming and agricultural is so important to LaPorte and Counties, I put legislation together that will protect the mint farmers,” said Dermody. “It was protect them, especially during this season, against the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and allow them to plant while testing goes on to check for VOCs in the mint farming industry which we already know the mint farmers will pass. This does not allow them to regulate any new permitting on them and will protect them through the season. What the State has to realize is how important mint farmers are to our revenue source, jobs and to agriculture in general. This is something that was supported by many and it protects the overreaching arm of government.”

Testifying for the legislation was Starke County Economic Development Director, Charles Weaver.