Public Areas in Culver Soon to be Alcohol-Free

Public areas in Culver may soon be alcohol-free, as the town council approved the ordinance on its first reading this Tuesday. This ordinance has been discussed for over a year, but this is the first draft of such an ordinance.

The ordinance prohibits open containers of alcohol from public property, but restaurants, bars, and other similar places of business remain unaffected.

“It just keeps people from walking around having open containers. All other state laws still do apply, if we deem necessary to enforce those laws under certain circumstances and situations,” said Chief of Police Wayne Bean.

There is a fine associated with the ordinance: if someone is found by an officer to have an open alcoholic beverage, the officer can order the individual to dispose of the beverage, and can also issue a $100 citation. Because of this fine, the council was unable to suspend the rules and pass it immediately, so it will be further discussed at their next council meeting on June 14th.