SCILL Center Students Perform Well on ASE Certification Tests

SCILL Center

The students at the SCILL Center recently took ASE classes for certification.

“There were 152 tests that were given over a week’s period of time, which included steering, suspension, brakes, electrical and electronic systems, engine performance, engine repair, automatic transmission systems, transaxles, manual drive line, axles and heating and air conditioning,” explained SCILL Center Instructor, Rod Dawson. “In each of the categories, we had actually 19 students that were taking each one of these tests, and they scored over a fifty percent in each of them with a pass rate. I was quite impressed with the students and it was an excellent showing for the first time around. I felt that the students needed to take all eight areas and it just validates what they actually are doing here for training.”

Other students who have been through the SCILL Center certifications have done well at the college level. Mark Anderson said that one student took a placement exam at Lincoln Tech College and the results of that exam showed that he was one of the top 20 students in that field in the nation.

“One of our students went back down there and he was assured of at least $3,000,” said Anderson. “The top prize was a full scholarship ride, the second prize was a fifty percent scholarship ride and third place was an $8,000 and the student won the $8,000 scholarship. He placed third place out of the top 20 students in the nation. We also heard from the University of Northwestern in Ohio where two of our students were the second highest scorers that they had ever got in electrical. Then, we heard from Ivy Tech where one of our students had scored the second highest score ever on automatic transmissions. The school, the community and the instructors are very, very proud of the students and what they’re doing here.”