Senator Jim Arnold to Represent Parts of Starke County in State Senate

Senator Jim Arnold

WKVI News had an opportunity recently to talk with Eighth District State Senator Jim Arnold (D) of LaPorte. Arnold, if elected in 2012, will represent a few townships in Starke County.

“It’s a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to represent the people of Starke County,” said Senator Arnold. “I don’t have all of Starke County, but I do have five townships in the northern part of the County. I picked up additional portions of St. Joe County as well. I’m honored and privileged to be down here and I look forward to working with the people on concerns of mutual interest.”

Fifth District State Senator Ed Charbonneau (R) of Valparaiso will retain only four townships in Starke County: North Bend, California, Wayne, and Jackson.

Arnold talked about the most recent session in the state legislature. The Democrats are outnumbered 37-13 in the Senate, but Arnold said he felt they got a lot done.

“We met the goals that we set down there to hear every piece of legislation that came out of committee. There was some good legislation that came out and there were some that I didn’t necessarily agree with but that’s politics. There will another election coming along in 2012 and there shouldn’t be a shortage of issues to be discussed with the people.”

Arnold talked about his background in the Senate.

“I replaced Senator Anita Bowser when she passed away in 2007. During a party caucus, I was elected to fulfill her term and then I was elected on my own term in 2008. I just finished my third session of my first elected term as State Senator. It’s kind of ironic because Senator Bowser actually was elected by the Democratic caucus to fulfill my father’s term in the House of Representatives back in 1979 when he left to become Mayor of Michigan City. The political world is no stranger to me. I find it amazing at times and sometimes it’s very disheartening.”

Arnold is a 1962 graduate of Michigan City Elston High School and a Valparaiso University graduate, too. He served in the Air Force and was a two term Sheriff in LaPorte County. He’s a New Orleans Saints and Chicago White Sox fan, and is the Father-in-Law of State Representative Tom Dermody.