Starke County Commissioners Discuss Fuel Prices with the Highway Superintendent

Steve Siddall

At the most recent Starke County Commissioner’s meeting, Highway Superintendent, Steve Siddall, was quizzed on the situation with rising fuel prices. Commission President, Dan Bridegroom, made the observation that some counties were cutting back on their mowing of county roadways to conserve fuel. He said that he understood that at least two counties were going to only be mowing the intersections.

Siddall talked with Ted Hayes after the meeting about the plans here.

“We’ve talked about it, but as it stands now, Ted, we’ll at least make one pass like we always do along the roads,” said Siddall. “We are going to concentrate more on the intersections this year than we ever have because last year we got so many complaints that the corn, weeds and brush weren’t taken back far enough. As far as fuel, we’re not trucking in as much as what we have in the past. We stockpiled a good number of stone in the last couple of years, not knowing that the fuel was going to do this. We were looking ahead as far as the stone cost going up so we tried to buy in bigger numbers the last couple of years. We’re sitting pretty good so far.”