2011 North Judson Mint Festival in Review

The Boy Scouts lead the parade

The 2011 North Judson Mint Festival is history, but before we close the book on this years exciting three day event, Ted Hayes visited with all of the dignitaries in this year’s festival.

Bino Bau was the Grand Marshall of this Year’s Parade.

Bino Bau

“I’ve lived here all my life, 85 years,” said Bau. “The Bau family has been here since 1914. My dad came to Toto with his family and he put up a mint still in Toto. He’s a third generation peppermint farmer in Starke County. My family came from Italy.”

Justin Reynolds

The King of this year’s festival was Justin Reynolds, a North Judson-San Pierre Sophomore.

“I’ve had a lot of fun during this year’s Festival. I was in a pie eating contest this weekend which was fun and I was in the Guitar Hero contest,” said Reynolds.

The Queen was Shayna Shelton.

Shayna Shelton

“The most fun this year was helping out with this year’s Mint Idol,” said Shelton. “It was a good competition. Everybody was so good, even the little kids. The talent was amazing.”

William Barnes was selected Friday night as the Father of the Year.

William Barnes

“I’ve had fun hanging out with the kids this weekend,” said Barnes. “My daughter, Caitlyn, nominated me.”

The Grandfather of the Year was Elliott Brewer.

“I’ve lived here in North Judson since 1949,” said Brewer. “I’m a retired Ford worker and I have garden out the back yard and it’s looking really good.”

Congratulations to all involved with this year’s North Judson Mint Festival.

Elliott Brewer (L) and his grandchildren