Eastern Pulaski School Board Prepares to Welcome Students from Monterey Elementary

Now that the Monterey Elementary School is closed where will the students attend school next year? Many of the over 130 elementary school students could be going to Winamac Elementary. With that possibility, the Eastern Pulaski School Board this week discussed the possible need of transporting those students from Tippecanoe Township to Winamac.

With funding now following the student, instead of a tuition cost as in the past, the students can now choose where to go to school. In the past, they would have been charged a tuition fee if they did not go to Culver, but now they can choose where to go. With many families disappointed that the Monterey School was closed in a budget move by the Culver School Board, they might opt to go to Winamac instead.

The Eastern Pulaski Board instructed Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman to add a bus route if the ridership warrants it.