Funding Cut for Instructional Assistants at West Central

The West Central School Board members discussed instructional assistants at their meeting Thursday.

The instructional assistants in the corporation were notified of the reduction in Prime Time Funding in the amount of $46,000 and that will result in the reduction of three to five instructional assistants in the Corporation. Every staff member was asked if they would consider retirement or resigning and to notify the administration. All reported that they would like to keep their job. The next step will be relayed to the Board by administrators at a future meeting.

In other contract discussions, The Board approved the administrators’ contracts. The middle school principal contract will be a one year contract with the anticipation of going to a 6-12 building starting in the 2012-2013 school year. No increases in salary were given. The Board unanimously voted to approve the administrators’ and 12 month secretarial contracts for Cooperative School Services. No raises or other modifications in salaries were made.