Knox Man Arrested after Alleged Threats

Jerry Riley

Jerry Riley of Knox was arrested Friday after a domestic incident was called into the Starke County Sheriff’s Department.

Witnesses told police that Riley had arrived at a residence on 800 South and rammed his car into his wife’s car and then backed up and hit a car belonging to Alexander Honchar, pushing it out of the driveway and into the lawn. Riley then exited the vehicle and confronted this step-son, Kebun Boule, about taking jewelry. Riley then allegedly hit Boule. Alexander Honchar told police that he walked around the corner of the porch and Riley surprised him and allegedly held a box cuttter style knife to his throat and Riley reportedly threatened him. Honchar then hit Riley and called 9-1-1.

Riley was arrested on preliminary charges of Intimidation with a Deadly Weapon, two counts of Battery, two counts of Property Damage and one count of Interference with Reporting a Crime. He has bonded out of the Starke County Jail.