Lawsuit Sparks Talk of New Starke County Jail

Starke County Jail

Talk of a new Starke County Jail has surfaced again. The three Starke County Commissioners talked about visiting other county jails in Marshall, Fulton and Brown Counties to look at the configuration of the buildings.

The announcement of the fact that they would be touring these buildings was made during the June 16th meeting to discuss the Class Action Law Suit brought against the County by Jack Haut, a Starke County Inmate.

“It’s ironic that this story is being read today,” reported WKVI’s Ted Hayes. “On this date in 1976, the demolition of the existing Starke County Jail building on Pearl Street had begun with the salvaging of the usable materials from the interior of the structure. L. Wolf Farms Incorporated of Union Mills was charged with the demolition of the structure for $4,750. Prisoners in the jail had been removed to the Pulaski County Jail and the Knox City Jail.”