Lyme Disease A Concern this Time of Year

With the spring and summer months upon us the tick-borne Lyme Disease concern is with us.

“Deer ticks are the ones that primarily carry the Lyme Disease,” said Starke County Health Nurse, Frank Lynch. “With any tick bite, you want to keep an eye on the area where you’ve been bitten where they’ve attached themselves. Keep an eye on that area and make sure there isn’t any redness or swelling that looks like a bulls-eye mark. You’ll want to consult with your doctor whenever you come across a tick bite. It seems like this time of year, people are finding them right and left. The dogs are carrying them in and people are carrying them in on their pant legs. If the kids are playing outside, make sure you’re checking for ticks on their head and all over their body.”

“With a pair of tweezers, pick it off right at the head of the tick where it attaches to the skin.”

“People get flu-like symptoms if they have Lyme Disease. We’re not talking about upper respiratory or cough or runny nose. You will get achy joints, fever, you’ll feel lethargic and you don’t have the energy to do anything. If you’ve had a tick bite in the last six months, it could be Lyme Disease. It’s something that drags on and it takes a while for it to present itself. Lyme Disease reports have been up in the past few years.”

Lyme disease can usually be controlled with antibiotics, but if untreated it can cause acute neurological problems. 10 to 15% of those untreated develop facial palsy, neck stiffness, sleep disturbance, memory loss, and mood changes.