More Precincts to Consolidate Polling Places in Starke County

Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski

The Starke County Election Board is still considering consolidation of many polling places in Starke County.

“Yes, we’re going to consolidate some more precincts as soon as we decide which ones we can put together so we’re not overly populated at any precinct.”

We asked Skronski to envision where the consolidations will occur.

“We will have one more consolidation in Center Township. Center five and six will probably go to the South Side Fire Station. In North Judson, we’re planning on putting three and four over at the Lutheran Church and moving Jackson into the North Judson fire house. We want to consolidate the Oregon precincts, but we haven’t quite decided what buildings we want to use yet. We’ve got Washington one and two in the same building and they now they will be on the same side of the building in the Washington Township Community Building. We’re going to move to what we consider a better facility for the North Bend precincts – probably the old Bass Lake Fire House.

“A lot of people don’t like change, but it has to be done due to reduce election cost.”