North Judson Town Board Discusses Pool Fills, Mowing Ordinance

North Judson Town Board: Dan Anderson, Wendy Hoppe, Jane Ellen Felchuk, Attorney Cassie Hine and Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller

The North Judson Town Board members discussed pool fills at their recent meeting. The Board approved the action of pool fills but an ordinance will be constructed to outline the fees. The Board approved the fee of $.03 a gallon for water and $.80 a mile for fuel. A credit card will also need to be provided to ensure payment. A bill will not be sent.

The Board also approved another four year term for Marsha Reimbold on the North Judson-San Pierre School Board of Trustees. The Board also approved a request from the Railroad Committee to purchase a semi-load of railroad ties. The money will come out of the Railroad fund that is not funded by taxpayer money.

North Judson Residents are reminded that there is a mowing ordinance in effect and property owners need to keep grass and other vegetation under control. Anyone in violation of the ordinance will receive an ordinance violation of $50 and a certified letter to clean up the property within 10 days. If the area is not maintained within 10 days, town employees will mow the lawn and a lien will be placed against the property.