Race Develops in City of Knox General Election

Thomas H. Morin, of Knox, filed his candidacy in the Starke County Clerk’s office last week. He is running as a Republican and will face Democrat Don Kring for a City Council seat. Both are running for the seat now occupied by Ed Blue who has decided not to run for another term.

“Now that we have a race going in Center One between Mr. Morin and Donald Kring, there will definitely be a General Election,” said Starke County Clerk, Evelyn Skronski. “The Election Board, the poll workers and the Absentee Board will all be in here in the Fall to have an election.”

We asked Skronski if she anticipates any other filings and the filing deadline date.

“There’s always that possibility but I really don’t anticipate any more and the deadline for signing up to fill a vacancy after the Primary on the ballot is June 30th at Noon.”

The City Democrats have a full slate except for City Judge. The Republicans have only two candidates: Judge Charles Hasnerl and now Thomas Morin. It’s not known if any other Republican candidates will step forward to seek office. It’s also not known if a Democrat will materialize to challenge Judge Hasnerl.

A race for Town Clerk-Treasurer in North Judson has developed. Long time banking employee, Donna Henry, has filed as a Republican for the fall election. Henry will challenge current Democrat Clerk-Treasurer, Connie Miller.