Spotlight on Success Falls on Knox Middle School

Danielle Slomka and Tyler Simola-Wallingford

The Spotlight on Success fell on the Knox Middle School students and their video news program at the recent meeting of the Knox Community School Board.  The news program that contained school news and the weather forecast aired on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the beginning of the day.   Middle School Guidance Counselor, Chris Ross, helped the students edit and record their program in the school’s “green room”.   Danielle Slomka and Tyler Simola-Wallingford answered questions from the Board and explained the news program.

Superintendent, A.J. Gappa said the program really showed the students’ creativity and their knowledge of technology.

“They showed some clips of some of the news programs that they had made in their green room and they had a couple of the students here who are part of the news team that were able to speak to the Board and explain how much they enjoyed doing the video news program.  It was comical at times and the Board enjoyed the program that they saw,” said Superintendent, A.J. Gappa.

Included in the presentation was a tribute to outgoing Middle School Principal, Mr. Steve Cronk.