Starke County Commissioners Discuss Dog Kennel Ordinance

Starke County Commissioners ( L to R ) Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom, Jennifer Davis

An ordinance regulating dog kennels was discussed at Monday’s Starke County Commissioners meeting. The Planning Commission has been working on this ordinance for several years, and it has been sent back to the Planning Commission with several comments from the commissioners to consider for correction. The maximum number of dogs that would be allowed outside at any time is six, but the Commissioners had a concern with that and requested it to be changed.

The ordinance will regulate the process for permitting, as well as regulate the building of dog kennels and their operation. Dog kennels would not be permitted in residential areas, and permits would be given by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Kennels would be required to be at least four hundred feet from the nearest residence. All areas that would be used by dogs would have to be fully enclosed by a fence, and that fencing must be at least 20 feet from property lines.

A fine of $2,500 for not complying with the ordinance would be allowed, and each day would constitute a separate violation. This ordinance will be discussed further at the next commissioners meeting, after changes to the ordinance have been made.