Starke County to Receive Federal Public Assistance

Flooding occurred after a levee break on the Robbins Ditch. Photo by Becky Pulver.

President Barack Obama has approved 32 counties for federal public assistance for damage sustained by severe weather that began April 19th. Starke County was the only county listed from Northern Indiana that will be receiving funding.

Public assistance means state and local governments and certain non-profit organizations in the designated counties are eligible to apply for federal assistance to pay 75 percent of the approved cost of debris removal, emergency services related to the disaster and repairing or replacing damaged public facilities, such as roads, buildings and utilities.

Starke County will receive reimbursement for the levee break at the Robbins Ditch. Starke County EMA Director, Ted Bombagetti, said that he is not certain of the total cost of the damages, but when the final total is realized, Starke County will receive 75% of the funding.