Storm Water Improvement Project in Hamlet Substantially Complete

Hamlet Town Board: Curtis Simpkins, Kerry Stone and Bob Yung

The storm water improvement project in Hamlet in now substantially complete, according to Territorial Engineering and the Hamlet Town Board. Van Janovic with Territorial Engineering, the firm that handled designing and overseeing the project, requested the Board to consider the project substantially complete and approve a change order. This would allow them to receive some of the final payments for the project.

“The board seems pleased. They live here, of course, but I’ve come here after storms and no longer have a lot of standing water that Hamlet suffered with for decades, so it’s made it a little nicer to live in the town of Hamlet,” said Janovic.

The Hamlet Town Board members signed a contract with H & G Underground Utility in December to improve storm drainage in Hamlet, and because they came in under budget, they were able to use the extra funds, along with an additional $15,000, to pave the affected roads after the equipment was installed. The total cost of the project is expected to come to $736,502.29, but the Board is holding off on the Certificate of Final Completion until some problem areas are fixed.