World War II Veteran, Harvey Hammerlund, Dies

Harvey Hammerlund

If you ever visited the Knox VFW during celebrations of patriotism you probably saw Harvey Hammerlund. Dressed in his Navy Blues with a pipe in his mouth, Harvey Hammerlund was the epitome of what’s good about this country.  Hammerlund passed away Wednesday, June 14th.

“It’s probably appropriate that Harvey died so close to Flag Day, June 14th, because Harvey honored that flag and he honored his country,” said WKVI’s Ted Hayes. “If the definition of patriotism is feeling, expressing or inspired by love of one’s country, then you could put that tag on Harvey Hammerlund. He and Joe Smrt flew to Washington, D.C. on one of the first Honor Flights. While there, they visited the World War II monument. Like a slow drum beat, the World War II veterans are leaving us, but they’ll never be forgotten. They’re wonderful people, like Harvey Hammerlund.”

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