A Look into the Second Season of “Haven”

Only four more days until the first episode of the second season of the high Syfy series “Haven”. Even though we have an inside on what will be happening this year, Jim Dunn, a writer-producer for the series, wouldn’t reveal the details.

We do know that the heroine of the series, Audrey Parker, an FBI agent, is trying to clear up a possible homicide when paranormal events take over. As we left the first season, much of Audrey’s lost past was coming into focus.

“Season two is ‘Who am I?’ which is where we left episode 13 last year with an FBI Agent showing up, pointing a gun at Audrey Parker and saying that she was Audrey Parker,” explained Dunn. “We left some questions out there for people to hold on to in between seasons. In this season, we’re going to take Audrey Parker down a path of discovery as she tries to figure out exactly who she is and what her connections to Haven are. What exactly they are, I can’t say yet.”

Appearing in several episodes this year will be Jason Priestly, who played Brandon Walsh in the popular TV series, Beverly Hills 90210. Another star from the world of wrestling will be playing a part, too.

“We also have guest starring in this season for I think four or five episodes is Edge,” he revealed. “Adam Copeland who recently retired from WWE Wrestling in April was shooting his first episode of ‘Haven’ not even a month later. He plays a character named Dwight who is the cleaner.”

The Canadian wrestler held 31 championship belts before retiring from the WWE to pursue a career in acting. “Haven” will premiere for another season on Friday evening on the Syfy Channel.