Center for Workforce Innovations Looking for Career Advisors

The Center of Workforce Innovations is seeking qualified individuals who can serve as advisors for its Encore Career Advisor Initiative. The Encore project is a seven-county initiative that will provide high school students career information, assist them with their career decision-making and career path planning following graduation.

Career Advisors will serve alongside teachers and counselors to help families prepare for college, the prospect of high wage/high demand careers and lifelong learning. They will also mobilize businesses and community organizations to act as partners and mentors throughout the school year and beyond. Advisors will be trained in career advising, mentoring, internship development, and job shadowing. They will be equipped to assist students achieve their career goals, which might include post-secondary education, apprenticeship and training programs, military careers or school-to-work options. South Central Schools, Westville High School and Knox High School are a few of the schools involved in this initiative.

If you are interested in participating, visit this website.