Culver Community Schools Gearing up for Another School Year

Culver Community School Superintendent, Brad Schuldt

“We’re moving ahead getting ready for the 201-2012 school year.” That was what was said yesterday by Culver Community School Corporation Superintendent, Brad Schuldt.
Since the announcement of the closure of the Monterey Elementary School, there have been preliminary efforts by some in Tippecanoe Township in Pulaski County to lead an effort to break the township away from Culver Community Schools, and attach it to another district, possibly Eastern Pulaski Schools.

Schuldt would not speculate on whether Culver would fight such a move, saying only, “That would be a board decision.”

As far as a number of students leaving and going to Eastern Pulaski next school year, Schuldt would only say “we won’t know that figure until the first day of school.” Even though students could go without paying tuition, Tippecanoe’s taxes would still support the Culver Community School Corporation.

Schuldt did say any breaking away would need state approval and an educational plan.