Deadline to File for Candidacy is August 1st for Town Offices

North Judson and Hamlet residents wishing to file for candidacy for the position of Town Clerk-Treasurer or Town Board have until Monday, August 1st at Noon to file in the Starke County Clerk’s Office. Clerk Evelyn Skronski talks about the current filings.

“North Judson has a Clerk-Treasurer race going for the General Election right now and they also have their three Council seats. The incumbents are all signed up for that and there’s nobody running against them. Hamlet has got some races coming up for a caucus in August. The Clerk-Treasurer and the Council seats all have opposition so they’ll have to eliminate a candidate in that particular party so that they can have a ballot for the November General Election,” said Skronski.

As Evelyn said, in order to only have one candidate per party per position for the General Election, a Town Convention or Town Caucus will need to be held.

“The conventions have to happen in August. The deadline for that is August 20th, a Saturday. They have to organize an Election Board and from there on, they establish their date when they want to have a Caucus or a Town Convention.

Skronski was asked who is appointed to the Election Boards.

“County Chairs appoint someone from those towns to be a Republican Chair and a Democrat Chair and then they appoint some town Election Board members to help them with the setting of the Caucus.”

Interested candidates in Winamac, Monterey, Francesville and Medaryville in Pulaski County have until Monday, August 1st at Noon ET to file for candidacy.