Four Area Post Offices to be Reviewed for Closure or Consolidation

When was the last time you received a newsy letter in the mail from a friend or family member? If you’re like most, it’s probably been a long time.

Post offices across the country are on the chopping block. This fall could be the biggest consolidation in postal service history. Over the next 3 months, 3,200 post offices will be reviewed for closure or consolidation. Revenues have declined and mail volume continues to decline. Email and electronic bill paying are only two of the culprits. Another is the pullback in advertising mail because of the recession.

In March, the Postmaster General asked Congress to reduce mail from six to five days a week. That would save $3.5 billion dollars. Every time a post office is slated for closure or consolidation, the postal service is legally obligated to inform its customers well in advance.

In our area, post offices at Tippecanoe, Delong, Leiters Ford, and Tyner are possibly to go the way of the Model T.